Lang Cove is a self-governed non-profit housing co-operative located near CFB Esquimalt’s Naden Base off Admirals Road.

We are a diverse family-oriented community comprised of 50 housing units, primarily stacked townhomes, amidst towering gary oak and arbutus trees set on 5 acres of beautiful land with shared green space, a fenced playground, beautiful gardens and a common room for meetings and private functions.

We are close to CFB Esquimalt, BC Transit bus routes, shopping and more.  We have 6 one-bedroom units, 16 two-bedrooms, 21 three-bedrooms and 7 four-bedrooms.  Unfortunately, we only have two wheelchair accessible units (1 one-bedroom and 1 two-bedroom), which become available very infrequently and the vast majority of our other units are not wheelchair accessible. As of November 1, 2021, LangCove no longer allows smoking inside units for new members.

A housing co‐op is a legal association of members, and is a form of shared ownership, which provides homes to its members who purchase a share and pay a monthly housing charge.  Members own the co‐op; the co‐op owns the housing.  Members work together to create a viable business and a co‐operative community.  A co‐op is a home, not an investment and our goal is to create security of tenure, not equity.  To learn more about co-operative housing in general, click here.

Housing co-ops are not “low income” housing, but if you are registered with the BC Housing Registry, you may qualify for your housing charges to be subsidized.  If you are looking into the BC Housing Registry, Lang Cove is located in Zone 8, and our housing registry code is AHN.

For more information, you can click here to download our full FAQs in PDF format.

Interested in becoming a member?  Click here to read more about our membership criteria and download our application.